Friday, April 19, 2013

THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE ... the construction on the making

Still You Don’t Want To Listen:
The Status of the World Now a Days

Still you don’t want to listen:
Still you are all on your trillion of
Different opinion, analysis, inventions
Professionalism, being a king,
The President, a Pope, a Pastor,
Elders, The Caliph, The Imam, The Grand Imam, The Grand Mufti and different
Inherited religious  
Tradition that causes divisions
And if there is a divisions
There is no oneness, a unity

“Peace on Earth and for the heaven sake”
I all ready published on you the truth. 
The truth that your kind of world that
Doesn’t have ever since and this is not the kind of truth that you are unequal with each other
Is not the same with me and the Almighty Creator?
I said already that the Almighty Creator created you all perfectly the same with what kind of body, blood, and, spirit. The spirit that will seek what is right and what is wrong. And now I already visualized to you all how the whole world ruined by the spirit, by the selfish spirit that you are not equally created.
Yes, you are not equally created because you think that you are greater than to your brother; neighbor, to other country just because you are modern or automatic as you destroyed the whole world now that all of your creation will fail all too disastrous end.
I am here now begging to you all to please let us sat down now with all of you with me leaders of the world so that you all will not be late, and to be wrong again you will all be equality given a wisdom on how to govern your places   as soon as possible as to minimize and totally end all of your burdens. The more you snub me on your kind of world. The more you hated yourself too.
But the more you love me, the more you will all live forever more.
It’s another song again…
We are the World; the more you live the more you love. This is the moment if tomorrow never comes, My Hero, I’ve been to paradise
Merry Christmas Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day
Research the song and you will be there for me
Still standing with or without you
kapatid70/anjoe -It’s a song

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